Organic Modeling 1 DVD - Human Anatomy: Maya

Reference Images and Modeling Scripts for Download

The Zip File below contains the following files
- Resin Model mirrored front image
- Resin Model mirrored back image
- Resin Model side image
- MJ Polytools modeling script
- Spinfaces modeling script

To download the zip file click here

Modeling Scripts Information

For more information on the modeling scripts used on this DVD, please refer to the links below.

MJ Polytools created by Mikkel Jans of
Spinfaces created by Giuseppe Improta

Movie Downloads

DVD Trailer Movie
Torso Demo Movie
Leg Demo Movie
Head Demo Movie

Organic Modeling 2 DVD - Anatomy of the Head: Zbrush (coming 2005)

Base Zsphere head
The File below contains the following files
- Zbrush Zsphere basic dualsex base head
- Image of Zsphere head construction & results
Zsphere adult human head created by Andrew Cawrse